Specialist Feeds

We offer a range of specialist feeds and supplements to address a variety of requirements.

Dry Cow Omega  is a specially selected fatty acid oil blend combined with high Omega 3 oil, mono-propylene glycol, undegradable protein, minerals and vitamins processed into a free flowing dust-free meal. Dry Cow Omega is FEMAS quality assured and all raw materials are fully traceable.

Benefits of Dry Cow Omega

• Reduces incidence of milk fever

• Reduces incidence of retained placenta

• Improves feed intake recovery after calving

• Increased milk yield in subsequent lactation  

F1 Fresh Start is a proprietary product, it is an excellent product used in the hours after calving to rehydrate cows as soon as possible. It is extremely palatable and is dissolved in hot water.

Microsafe Max is a broad spectrum mycotoxin binder for use in animal feeds based on yeast cell wall material and bentonite. Mycotoxins are combined with the active ingredients in MicroSafe Max and carried through the animals intestines and safely excreted. The animal does not absorb the mycotoxin into its bloodstream and as such suffers none of the symptoms associated with Mycotoxin poisoning.